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    You Buy One. We Give One. Legs and Feet are Protected.

    We at Socklings may have many goals, but our biggest goal by far is to become a "Buy One, Give One" Company and GIVE a pair of Socklings to a child with disabilities with every pair of Socklings purchased.

    Many children have conditions that cause them to need leg braces or to be in the hospital for extended periods; Rett Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Hip Displaysia.. the list can go on and on. The medical devices, while crucial to assisting with each child's quality of life, can begin to chafe and pinch their skin. Socklings wants to help provide some extra comfort to protect those little legs and bring a smile to that little child's face by giving them something bright, colorful, and fun to cover both legs and feet. It just takes a small purchase to allow those dreams to become a reality.

    With every purchase you get us one step closer to meeting that Ultimate Goal, and we want to thank each one of our customers for supporting Socklings!